Editor’s note: Start of Autumn is the thirteenth solar term in the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. The period of hot days after Start of Autumn, usually lasting for 30 days, is called “Autumn Tiger” or “Indian Summer”. Because of the decreasing precipitation, it is even more sweltering during this period than during Major Heat.


There is a saying that goes: “If it rains on the day of the Start of Autumn, a good harvest is expected.”

Eat Peaches


The peach stones are kept until New Year’s Eve, thrown into the stove and burned into ash. People believed that in this way, plagues could be prevented for the whole year.

Eat Melon


Today people in Tianjin still keep this custom, believing that eating melons such as towel gourd, white gourd and bitter gourd can prevent diarrhea in autumn and the coming winter and spring.

Flesh Out


If one has lost weight during the summer, then at the beginning of autumn, he or she needs to flesh out by eating many different kinds of delicious foods, especially meat.

” Since olden days we feel in autumn sad and drear, but I say spring cannot compete with autumn clear. ”