Editor’s note: As of now, the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 in China is 89444, the current confirmed number is 1,862, and the cumulative number of cured people is 82,883; the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 overseas is 20,437,579, the current confirmed number of confirmed cases is 6334977, and the cumulative number of cured people is 13,361,329.


From the beginning of this year, China has been faced with an unexpected, severe test. The COVID-19 epidemic is a major, fast-spreading public health emergency with the widest range of infection and the greatest difficulty to prevent and control since the founding of the New China.

The non-CPC personages resolutely work on implementing the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and guiding people to devote themselves to medical assistance, scientific research, donations and work resumption. And they offer advice, significantly contribute to winning the war of the people against the epidemic.

The epidemic prevention and control in China has become stable and the economic operation has basically recovered, China in the second half the year will take advantage of the favorable situation and consolidate the achievements to make up for the losses in the first half.


China has always been a grateful nation throughout its history. China chooses to stand out and stretch out its hands to those who are in need. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many customers had reached out to their helping hands. We had engraved all of the good deeds in our hearts. At present, the domestic epidemic situation has been stably controlled, but the overseas epidemic situation continues to spread.

Facing the escalating overseas epidemic situation, SalvationDATA is always concerned about our partners, customers, and distributors around the world, and is concerned about the epidemic protection situation in overseas countries.  After the first round of providing medical masks for free, SalvationDATA thinks about the needs of our friends around the world, actively contacting them, and start the second round of providing medical masks for free.


The donation box reads “众人同心,其利断金。One World, One Heart, One Goal!” Up to now, SalvationDATA has mailed more than 4,000 disposable medical masks to our overseas friends. These masks have been delivered to many overseas areas including Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa through international express delivery.


After receiving the mask, our friends were both surprised and moved, and all expressed gratitude to SalvationDATA for the badly needed medical supplies sent by China and the Chinese people. We established long-term stable and close cooperative relations with overseas customers, standing together in solidarity!



When lending each other a helping hand, we gain friendship and mutual trust. Masks as medical supplies that are in short supply for epidemic prevention have a limited amount of donations, but each mask is care expressed by SalvationDATA, representing the determination and confidence of SalvationDATA to work together with overseas customers to fight against the epidemic.


We should move forward hand in hand to fight for the human being. There are no borders in front of the virus but so does love and care. And that’s what we need most at this moment. The fight is continuing, but we strongly believe that the epidemic will eventually come to an end. Just like the winter, it will always fade away. We will wait for you, support you, and accompany you until the end of the epidemic. Let’s collaborate and fight together!