Editor’s note: The autumnal equinox is the 16th of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. The climate in the South begins to fall from this solar term. The sun is directly on the earth’s equator on this day, so the day and night are equally divided into12 hours and there is no polar day and night phenomenon in the world.

Offering sacrifices to the moon

According to historical records, there was a custom of offering sacrifices to the moon in autumn as early as the Zhou Dynasty. There are many historical sites of “moon worship altar”, “moon worship Pavilion” and “moon watching tower” in various parts of China.

Erect an egg

It’s said that it’s the easiest day to stand an egg on the autumnal equinox.

Moderate exercise

After the autumnal equinox, the weather is cool in the morning and evening, and the human body is prone to drowsiness and fatigue. It is suggested that everyone should exercise reasonably, walk, and climb mountains.