Editor’s note: SalvationDATA is proud to announce that the first creative and comprehensive Database Forensics Analysis System-DBF6300 has been officially launched now! All the users and the investigators are involved with the cases for: MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access, MariaDB now have the integrated solution which is more convenient, high-efficient and cost-effective to do their jobs in a forensic sound manner.

DBF6300 is the leading first database forensic product specializes in this filed which covers the main types of relational databases now. It aims to resolve the problems about the deleted & damaged database files, damaged file system, restriction of application system accessibility. Investigators can utilize DBF6300 to conduct the previewing, recovery, extraction, reorganization, analysis, exporting operations to the database files involved in the cases independently without the assistance from the specialists or pre-configurate the regarding environment. DBF6300 is the ideally time & cost-effective product which has to be widely used in the related jobs.

Now let’s take a look at the highlighted features:

1. Unrestricted Accessibility to the database files no needs for password & account info from the application system or pre-configuration of regarding database environment.

2. Extraction and Recovery for the normal/deleted/damaged database files, including the objects like: tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, functions.

3. Patented File Carving Technology supports to directly extract, analyze and reorganize the fragmented database files from the storage mediums or image files.

4. Cloud Database Analytical and Conversion Tool supports the analyze of the MySQL database backup files (.xb) of Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Huawei Cloud, and export them to database files in conventional formats.

5. Multiple Analysis Functions such as keyword search, filtering, statistics, SQL statement query, and visual connection analysis. Supports to analyze the database log files of MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle……

6. Hierarchical Relationship Analytical Tool supports to generate and derive hierarchical relationship maps.

7. Forensic Reports Generation in HTML & PDF formats.

8. Exporting the Recovered or De-Duplicated Database Files.

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