Editor’s note: In November 2019, SalvationDATA and its Russian partner LAN-PROJECT jointly held the SalvationDATA product seminar and training in Moscow successfully! More than 60 law enforcement officers attended this seminar, the interaction between the attendees and the SalvationDATA’s experts was very active.

During the seminar, SalvationDATA’s core technologies on computer forensics, mobile forensics, DVR forensics, and integrated forensic laboratory solution drew the great attention of these audiences who were from IC Russia, Investigative Committee, Military IC, Ministry of International Affairs, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Justice, Customs, Federal Guard Service and other. The participants spoke highly of SalvationDATA solutions such as DRSSPF Pro and VIP 2.0.


Especially the mobile forensics solution: SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) – The second generation forensically sound system of SalvationDATA’s mobile forensic solution to extract, recover, classify and analyze the data which was stored in the mobile devices such as Android phones & tablets, iPhone & iPad. With the outstanding performance on supporting the Chinese brands’ phones, feature phones, and the internationally popular social media applications just like “WhatsApp” and “VK” make SPF Pro most likely to be the ideal mobile forensic solution for Russian market.

The participants also speak highly of SalvationDATA’s CCTV DVR forensic product VIP2.0, its fragmented video extraction and overwritten video recovery function really play an important role in DVR forensics. And also everyone agrees with SalvationDATA’s customized forensic workstations can really help to increase their efficiency at work.

After the seminar, we were invited to give training of our forensic products including Computer forensicsMobile forensicsDVR forensics, and Forensics lab solution  to the local government officers, they have expressed interest in VIP 2.0(Video Investigation Portable) and SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional), furthermore, purchase intention has been determined by customers.

The seminar and training were successfully ended with all the efforts of our partner LAN-PROJECT. Thanks to all the participants and cooperators. See you soon in the next SalvationDATA Seminar!