Editor’s note: The need to professionally and successfully conduct digital forensics investigations of incidents and crimes has never been greater. This caused an increased requirement for information about the creation and management of digital forensics laboratories and the investigations themselves. This includes a great need for information on how to cost-effectively establish and manage a forensic laboratory. Here SalvationDATA forensic lab solutions meet that need!


In December 2019, we delivered the second customizable forensic lab to Indonesian customers, the National Police Academy, our new generation of forensic workstations first deployed in the overseas market! let’s have a look:

And not just the new workstation, we also provided the Sci-Fi looking lab equipment as below:


What’s more, in the early this year, we also delivered a forensic lab to the National Cyber and Crypto Agency(BSSN) of Indonesia:

In 2019, there are over 30 forensic labs which we built for Law Enforcement around the world, our one-stop solutions are widely recognized as the next-generation platform of the forensic laboratory. With the ambition to provide intelligent software with fantastic hardware, SalvationDATA focuses on providing reliable and customizable digital forensics laboratory solutions in furniture design, proprietary workspace, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security. Welcome to talk to us and get the free design of your own forensic workstation!