Editor’s note: The latest update of VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable 2.0) is released now!

Let’s have a look at what new features have been added:

V19.0.1.1030 Update Description

1, New add Kodak, Dongguan Minghongkai, Weikang Time CCTV DVR Brands into our supporting list.

We are continually trying to add more CCTV DVR brands and file systems into our support list, which are feedback from our customers or discovered by our R&D team.

Image 2

2, Added GPU for Deep Learning Video Retrieval.


Now we are excited to tell you that we can support motorcycle to be identified on the video clips by using the video retrieval tool, which can give you a better experience when meeting relative cases.

3, New add file system search function.

Image 3

In this new version, we have added the function of the searching file system, which can help investigators search the file system manually.

4, Optimize the results size error when scanning some Zhong Wei Century DVR models.

5, Fixed several bugs to improve product stability.

6, Useful tool instruction—Video Split in the toolbox.

Image 4

By this tool, you can split the video clips which include several channels, aim to check the video clips channel by channel. Which would provide much convenience for investigators when dealing with real cases.

7, Useful tool instruction—Video Transcoder in the toolbox.

Image 5


By this tool, you can add unlimited video clips into this tool to transcode the video format into .avi format, so that you can play the video clips normally in other players on other places.

8, Some useful tool instruction–Ultra Player in the toolbox.

Image 4

With the player integrated with the toolbox, now you can play VVF format video clips which can not be played normally on other players.

You can directly upgrade if you already used VIP 2.0, or download the software from our resources page of the website to have a free trial.