Editor’s Note: What’s the Huawei Mobile Student Mode?

Huawei Student Mode is a new function which launched from Huawei Mobile EMUI4.1, Huawei P9 is the first model that equipped with this new function.

How the Student Mode has an influence on a forensic investigation?

1, Smartphone can not open the USB debugging mode on developer mode.

2, Forensic computer can not identify the target smartphone.

Now let’s see a real case about how to extract WeChat data from a smartphone under the student mode.

General thinking solution:

1, Make use of the backup function integrated by Huawei mobile


However, when trying to make a backup, it prompts that the backup function can not use under student mode.

2, Then we change to the third-party tool: Huawei Hisusite tool, usually we can use this tool to make a backup on the computer, then go to analyze the backup file.


However, the result is also disappointing, because this tool cannot connect the target smartphone due to the reason that the USB debugging mode cannot be opened.

So now let’s see how SPF Pro solves this kind of case.

Step 1. Open SPF Pro and create a new case.

Image 1

Step 2. Find the WeChat data backup tool in the toolbox, actually, this tool will be integrated into SPF Pro overseas version soon.

Image 5

Step 3. Just follow the instruction operations shown on the tool.

Firstly add the backup data save path.

Then install the PC WeChat on the same computer that has installed SPF Pro.

Log on the WeChat account on the PC Wechat.

Step 4. Click the prepared backup on the tool.

Image 4

Step 5. Then back up the WeChat data on a computer by means of the backup function of WeChat.


Step 6. Back to the homepage of SPF Pro, select Folder Analysis.

Image 2

Step 7. Then select the Automatic Logical Extraction.


Step 8. Select the PC Wechat backup on the social, then click start extraction.


Step 9. After the extraction process finish, we can check the data you wanted and generate a forensic report.

Image 3


This article is about to show all the work of WeChat data extraction of Huawei Mobile under student mode has been finished, thanks for your reading.

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